In August 2004 we started our training to become a midwife which was also the beginning of a long-standing and wonderful friendship. We share the dream to be a midwife and the fascination of pregnancy, the passion to assist the expecting parents and to give advice and encouragement in their first steps during postnatal time. To welcome a new baby into our lives and being there as midwives, to see their families grow together, connects us.


After finishing our midwifery exams in 2007 we moved to the beautiful green Island Ireland. In Dublin we worked in the National Maternity Hospital which is, with 9700 deliveries per anno, one of the biggest maternity hospitals in Europe. We worked in the antenatal care unit, the delivery ward and postnatal ward where we gained a lot of experience in midwifery. With the acquired experience and knowledge we now establish ourselves in our beautiful Hamburg as self-employed midwives.

We are looking forward to accompany you and your partner during pregnancy and postnatal time.


Therefore we would be more than happy to provide private parental craft classes in english.