The parental craft classes are a combination of factual information, physical preparation and the opportunity for intercommunion. It is often the beginning of important contacts and friendships - a wonderful support in this new phase of life.

The classes include exercises for your body awareness, breathing exercises and relaxation. We will practice different birth positions and massage techniques which will help during labour. Furthermore we will discuss pregnancy discomforts, post natal time, diet, special needs of the infant, changes in partnership and much more.

We provide classes for couples, but obviously a friend or your mother is more than welcome to join you as your partner. One evening of the class will be held without your partner. The class will take 8 weeks (once weekly) and takes approximately 90 minutes. Your health insurance will pay the expenses for you and some insurance might pay proportionate of your partner's expense.

To have the best of it, you should finish the class 3 - 4 weeks before your expected due date.