The first days after your birth are a very special time. Our visits will help you to find your own way with your newborn baby. With our specialized knowledge we will support and provide advices for you. The home visits start on the day you are leaving the hospital. The first 10 days our visits can be daily. In total we will attend you for 8 weeks after your baby's birth. If required, we can individually extend the amount of visits, for example for breastfeeding support or when weaning your baby.


Medically, during the post natal time, your body needs to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. To keep in mind is the adjustment of your hormones into a non-pregnant condition.


Not only your body has to adjust to the new situation, also you and your partner have to adapt to the new situation of having a baby. Beeing a parent has to be practiced. We are looking forward to be your contact person in this special time of your life.


Within our visits, we will help you with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, we check the remission of the uterus and if necessary wound healing. We will observe your baby's umbilical cord, weight and development, also we will give advice for baby care.


We will show you postnatal exercises and pelvic floor exercises.


At home the partners often feel welcome to include themselves and ask questions, as well as siblings will be involved into the baby care.


It would be nice if we got the chance to meet during pregnancy, so we can get to know each other to optimize and prepare for the time after your baby is born.